♥, Harry + Alexia Mature One Shot
Harry + Alexia Mature One Shot

contains mature content dont read if you dont like that blah blah blah

Alexia put her key through the front door, stepping into the warm house. It was silent, so she guessed shewas home alone. Pulling off her jacket, leaving her in a thin tank top and skinny jeans. She put her bag on the kitchen counter, immediately opening the fridge. It had been a long day without food and Alexia was starving for anything. She settled for a large bottle of thick chocolate milkshake, searching the cupboard for a glass.

She jumped when she heard her brother Liam’s laugh upstairs. Obviously she wasn’t home alone after all. A heavy rumble of feet followed down the staircase, two voices in the hallway. She leant back and peered down to see who was with him. The head of luscious brown curls told her immediately and butterflies rattled her stomach at the simple sound of his husky yet monotone voice.

"Well you don’t have to come with me mate. I’ll only be half an hour" Liam said.

"Liam?" Alexia called, and he turned around. Harry turned his head too at the sound of her voice, her eyes quickly glancing to meet his. He gave her a quick wink, causing her heart to start pounding. He had the strangest effects on her and she’d never known why. She put it down to his extremely good looks because his personality wasn’t exactly up to scratch. He was cocky, a player and an outrageous flirt. Liam was in awe of his skills with females and how he could probably just click his fingers and have girls on their knees.

Alexia walked into the living room, holding the milkshake carton and switching on the TV.

"Oh your in then. Mum’s just called. Her car’s broken down so i’ve got to use my car and go pick her up from work. It’s alright if Harry stays here with you while i’m gone isn’t it?" he asked. Alexia glanced at Harry who strolled in and plonked himself on the sofa, a simple yet cheeky closed lip smile on his face. He rested one ankle on his other knee in a boyish way, making himself at home in her house.

"Urm…sure" she mumbled, sitting on the opposite sofa and pulling out my phone. She scrolled through my Twitter feed aimlessly, hoping to look distracted and not like she wasn’t bothered Harry was here. Hearing the slam of the front door as Liam left, she glanced out the window to see his car pulling out the driveway.

"So it’s just you and me" Harry spoke, and she looked up to see him smiling at her. Alexia could read through that smile easily. He instinctively flipped his hair forward and swept it to the side, clearing his throat. She gave him an unconvincing and fake smile, as if she didn’t care and went back to her phone. After a minute of eerie silence, he stood up and wandered the room, being nosy; fiddling with ornaments and looking at photo frames.

He chuckled at one in particular, making her look up at him with a frown. He looked at her and smirked, he was laughing at a photo of Alexia on the beach when she was four years old. Just out of the sea and virtually naked behind a large sandcastle.

"What’s so funny?"

"Nothing babe. I’m just looking"

"Don’t call me ‘babe’ and If you don’t mind me, i’ve got things to do" she said, swinging my legs from the sofa and passing him to leave the room. She felt Harry’s grip gently on my wrist, preventing her from leaving.

"Don’t be a spoilsport Alexia. Your supposed to be keeping me company aren’t you?" he said, his mouthends twitching upwards into a smirk as his eyes briefly dropped down her body. She glared at him and raised her eyebrow.

"I’m not supposed to be doing anything

"Then i’m sure you’ve got no reason not to spend a bit of time with me" he grinned.

"Fine, you can help me tidy up if you want?" she offered, narrowing down his options to show him she wasn’t up for his games.

"Tempting.." he said, his voice deep "But i’d rather do something else" he said, his hand finding it’s way to my hip, his thumb and forefinger rubbing small circles on her soft skin. Alexia swallowed, alarmed and flustered by his suggestions, and ran her fingers through the length of her brown hair.

"Like what?" she croaked, reluctantly gazing into his deep green eyes.

"Like this" he replied, leaning down and brushing his lips against hers; testing her reaction. She didn’t move. She couldn’t move. Her stomach was clenched with a fluttery feeling at the close proximity between them. Harry could tell she was flustered by him and curved one side of his mouth up into a smug grin.

"Come on Alexia, I know you like me" He angled his nose slightly, pressed his full lips together with hers properly, and began kissing her slowly. Alexia was taken aback by his sudden actions and could do nothing but go along with it and kiss him back. He trailed his tongue along her lower lip, begging for entrance. She went into it, enjoying the feeling of their tongues battling together for a few seconds before Harry moved down and began planting wet kisses on her neck.

In a matter of minutes, Harry’s shirt was strewn across the room, followed swiftly by Alexia’s tank top. Harry stepped back from her for a second, his eyes dark and almost navy with lust. He glanced down at her chest, his tongue trailing to the corner of his mouth. In one fluid movement, he picked her up and threw her hard onto the sofa. Alexia gasped and Harry clambered on top of her immediatley. His large hands held her wrists down beside her as he wet his lips slightly and attached them back to her body. He kissed what her bra revealed, before moving down her stomach until his face was level with the buttons of her jeans. Unbuttoning them, he looked up at Alexia with an cheeky grin, slowly pulling the jeans off her legs.

Before the situation could escalate any further, Alexia used every ounce of restraint she had to speak up.

"Harry…n-no..not here" she stuttered, worried someone would suddenly come back. Harry continued kissing her, sucking and biting on the hipbone, his fingertips playing with the hem of her lace underwear.

"But I want you" his breath was hot and moist against her skin as he mumbled into it, before sliding his thumbs under the straps of her bra and pulling them down her shoulders. He met her eyes and lifted her off the sofa, her legs wrapped around his hips as he carried her upstairs.

He kicked open her bedroom door and sat her on the dresser.

"Uh Harry there’s a bed over there" she pointed out. Harry chuckled in response and slid his hands around the back of her bra clasp, releasing it and throwing it to the side.

"You won’t be complaining in a minute babe"

"I told you not to call me babe" she replied, grabbing his hand. Harry smirked.

"Right now, your mine and i’ll call you whatever I like"

He was hungry for skin, kissing her breasts and rolling his hot wet tongue over her nipples, earning a hushed moan. Alexia reached forward and unbuttoned his trousers. Harry happily stepped free from them, meaning their thin underwear was the only material between them. She reached forward and played with the waistband of his boxers, slipping her hand inside and wrapping her palm around his hard shaft.

Harry clenched his jaw as she began moving her hand up and down at a slow pace. His breathing deepened and he began bucking his hips in response to her movements as they quickened. He dropped his head forward and rested his forehead on Alexia’s, his lingering breaths warm and minty on her skin. She could feel him getting closer, harder and more eager with each rough stroke of her hand down him.

"Stop I won’t last" Harry commanded, squeezing her inner thigh. Alexia grinned proudly and Harry kissed her firmly again, roughly pulling her bum forward on the dresser so their crotches pushed together. His fingertips stroked just outside her lace underwear, moving the material to the side and pushing two fingers into her.

Alexia moaned in reaction, biting down on Harry’s broad shoulder as he moved them in and out of her. He curved them inwards, making her squeal in pleasure. His breathing became heavy; he loved hearing and seeing the feeling she was getting, knowing it was him giving it to her.

The contracting movements of his thumb and fingers made her chest rise and fall rapidly as she got closer. She bit down hard on her inner lip, avoiding cursing out his name. She dropped forehead, against his shoulder as she gripped onto his biceps. Just as she was reaching breaking point, Harry lifted her from the dresser, and dropped her body onto the bed.

He kicked off his boxers at his ankles and without warning, pushed himself into her. He rested a forearm either side of her head, moving his hips back and forth. Alexia gasped at the feeling of him inside her, her head spinning. Harry moved his arm under her body, forcing her backside upwards to gain more access to her, his own deep groans and pants contuining.

Alexia couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her as immense bliss surged through her body with every thrust Harry gave. She’d always wondered how it would be with him but in reality it was more amazing than she’d ever imagined. 

They were both close, edging the line of climax. Harry’s thrusts started to become lazier, and her nails dug into the skin over his slightly sweaty shoulder blades as they moved beneath her hands.

"Come on Alexia" Harry groaned into the skin of her neck, digging his fingers into her hips. “Say my name”

She dug her heels into the back of his thighs, urging him further into her, her moans increasing. Harry picked up the pace a little, lacing his fingers between hers and holding one hand above her head. He held his other to her face, gently tugging on her hair causing her back to arch.

"What’s my name?" he growled a little louder, giving one last forceful thrust before she was whirled into a wave of ecstasy surging throughout her body. Alexia called out Harry’s name, panting and writhing beneath him as she rode it out. Harry’s hip movements  became more half hearted as he approached the finish line. His forehead was slightly sweaty, his curls dishelved and his eyebrows furrowed with concentration, She leant up and nibbled on his earlobe,

"Your turn" she whispered, biting down gently on his shoulder before flicking her tongue across the sore skin. Harry tensed up and let out a long hushed groan, his eyes closing as he reached his high and spilled himself inside of her. He collapsed on top of her, their bodies almost merged into one as their breaths slowed down. His face was buried into her warm neck, his curls tickling her cheek. He pulled out and straightened his arms, leaning above her.

Suddenly both of their attention was drawn to the sound of the front door slam shut. Their heads shot sideways, hearing footsteps down the hallway and the sound of Liam whistling.

"Is that Liam?" Harry asked

"Uh huh" she gulped